Samsung Galaxy S4 – Innovation is anything but business, as usual….


“Make your life richer, simpler, and more fun”, says Samsung with its new gadget Galaxy S4. This new smartphone is coming with plethora of exceptional features which are supposed to simplify your daily lives. Will it really… you decide…

Here is a look at some of the superlative features….

Air Gesture – Control your phone by just waving your hand over the screen without actually touching the screen. Respond quicker to your calls by answering with Air Gesture. Supported features : Quick Glance, Air Jump, Air browse, Air move, Air call-accept.

This feature does sound exciting. In reality, you will have to use both hands to exercise this feature if travelling. And if you have kept your device on desk I wonder how it will save your time or make it easier except the Air Call accept which apparently would take same time as it takes to scroll the screen.

Divide your personal & professional life – The Galaxy S4 also has a tool that enables users to create a dividing line so part of the phone is devoted exclusively to work while the other part is filled with personal information and photos.

This isn’t novelty. We all use locked folders on all previous OS irrespective of apple or android.

Tilt phone to scroll up and down – The newest features involve different options for navigation. For example, if the phone senses someone is looking at the screen, the user can tilt it forward or backwards to scroll up and down a Web page.

Good for Neck exercise. Don’t shake it accidently, you know what will happen.

Video playing sensitive to eye movements – The S4 can stop and start videos depending on whether someone is looking at the screen. When a video is playing, for instance, the stream will automatically pause if the person glances away and it will restart when the eyes refocus on the screen.

What if you don’t want it to stop. Now you will have to control your eyeballs also. What will happen if I blink..…play… what a pleasant experience.

Eight-Core processor – Galaxy S4 is powered by Exynos 5410 processor. It has eight cores with four of them being the high-performance cores based on A15 architecture from ARM, a British company. These cores run at 1.8GHz.

Wow, now I can run softwares like 3D Max, Maya and Apple Final cut Pro (oops… no Apple sorry). How many apps require 8-core processor !!! The point is there won’t be any difference in performance as all the apps and games can run dead smoothly with S3’s quad core or apple’s A6 chip

Controls entertainment center as a universal remote – The S 4 comes with a built-in infra-red diode, so it can control an entertainment center as a universal remote. This is a feature that has showed up in Android tablets before.

ROFL…. Samsung has forgot that its a phone not a swiss knife. Be relevant dear.

Innovation is not just about adding features…. It should add value.. It should make your tasks easier than before. Samsung has put in unflagging efforts in adding features but it could not fathom innovation in its true sense. Samsung’s attempts appear more impetuous than prudent.

I would have liked if they could have come out with something to beat Apple’s “Siri”( which apparently is not successful) wrt to world market. That is what I call REAL iNNOVATION. Even the screen size, we all know it isn’t user friendly, it should have been smaller so that the device can be handled effortlessly  in our palms. Apple has tried that with increased height ( although it can be enhanced much more…) Most pressing issue with smartphones currently is their battery life. We all love what’s app & Temple Run but what about their inversely proportional relationship with battery life. Apparently, it hasn’t been hitherto taken into consideration by smartphone companies including Apple.

Samsung holds largest chunk of india’s smartphone market with a whooping 40% share. In Business terms, Samsung might be competing with Apple (and may be even win in markets like India) but bone of contention between them is sadly not about who will father the innovation.


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