Must read Marketing Books


We are overloaded with information. There are thousands of books explaining plethora of theories about Marketing Communication / Branding. It is easy to get muddled up in the ocean of information. To help you out I have here listed some of the most interesting and impressive books. I bet you will enjoy your journey with them…

Total Integrated Marketing

Why are some companies able to focus on the important points, while others fight internal battles, obsess over trivia, and let opportunities pass them by? According to Hulbert, Capon, and Piercy, when companies succeed it is often because every single person in every department — from Sales to Human Resources to Finance — has one paramount goal: to win and keep customers. Many of today’s companies, however, have not heeded this crucial message. When they falter, it is often due to the fact that different departments report to different executives: then short-term goals like sales drive out the long-term necessity of marketing. Despite lip service to the contrary, the marketing departments of most companies often fail to reach their most important customers. Drawing on their combined experience of three-quarters of a century advising corporations, Hulbert, Capon, and Piercy argue that marketing must be dragged out of the marketing department.

Total Integrated Marketing provides an essential framework for designing and managing change so that companies can outperform their rivals. Containing a wealth of marketing tips and innovations easily adapted to any business, this is essential reading for all managers concerned about the future of their companies.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

I am an aficionado of Apple from the day I held iPhone in my hand. Although the book in depict the journey of a legend, visionary who revolutionized technology it also illustrates how the world’s most popular brand got built. Job’s journey is an amazingly valuable lesson in branding and marketing. He was the best marketer history has ever seen. Regis McKenn, a PR genius once noted, “Wozniak designed a great machine, but it would be sitting in hobby shops today were it not for Steve Jobs.” Apple’s remarkable branding strategy put it way ahead of its competitors. Apple is not just company now. It has evolved to become a giant empire of technology and innovation. No other brand enjoys the fan following as that of Apple’s.

The book audaciously describes how Apple changed the rules of the games. It will remain an amazing read to business, economics and marketing. The quintessential point of the book is it’s not about theories which we found in almost all other marketing books. It’s a beautiful story of how Apple integrated with society and went on to become one of the most loved brands.

The Brand Gap

One of the most admired books on some groundbreaking theories of Branding. It assist in learning five core principles of Branding. The author has observed, the main purpose of branding is to get more people to buy more stuff for more years at a higher price. He illustrated how the left brain and right brain combination can be magical in building a charismatic brand. He explained the five principles of branding as Differentiate, Collaborate, Innovate, Validate and Cultivate. He also clarified on myths and facts associated with them. He emphasized on a role of Chief Branding Officer for a company and how he can change the dynamics of competition.


The Tipping Point

In The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference, Malcolm Gladwell explores the striking similarities between epidemics and the sociological changes that mark human lives. He also explains how understanding the former can help people deal effectively with the latter. As he himself explains, “It’s a book about change. In particular, it’s a book that presents a new way of understanding why change so often happens as quickly and as unexpectedly as it does.” It is an intellectual escapade and uses examples from world of business, education, media and fashion. It shows people how start their own positive epidemics. It is of great interest to anyone who want to spread a word about their business and product. The book has a number of case studies of people who have successfully started epidemics–an advertising agency, for example, and a breast cancer activist.


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